Indian News Maker Business Drink Healthy and Stay Healthy: The Motto of Alkaline Booster Water

Drink Healthy and Stay Healthy: The Motto of Alkaline Booster Water

New Delhi (India), July 14: Water is the essence of life, and prioritizing the consumption of healthy and mineral-rich water is essential for a healthier lifestyle. Entrepreneur Bharath Agarwal, through his company “Booster Water”, has launched a range of alkaline water that aims to lead individuals towards a healthier way of living. The brand emphasizes the significance of drinking healthy water amidst our daily routines and hectic lives.

In today’s world, the water we consume often lacks essential minerals due to bulk water treatments at municipals and reverse osmosis (RO) purification systems at homes. The minerals in water plays a crucial role in the optimal functioning of our organs, enzymes production, and overall mineral nutrition. Unfortunately, the water we drink fails to provide the body with the required minerals it craves for, leading to chronic dehydration, acidity which further leads to numerous health issues. Bharath identified this crucial pain area and worked over with his team of researchers & experts devising, Booster water’s Alkaline water, Black water and Whiskey water.

The primary benefit of consuming alkaline water is its ability to increase hydration levels in the body while simultaneously elevating oxygen levels. This water is highly effective for individuals suffering from acidity, dehydration-related issues. By effectively flushing out toxins from the body and boosting hydration levels, alkaline water leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

It is fascinating to witness the rapid popularity of Booster Water’s different water variants among celebrities, fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and wellness professionals. Even the common individuals have shown significant interest in trying the healthy water introduced by Booster Water. Thanks to the growing awareness through social media channels. Booster Alkaline Water and Black Alkaline Water variants stand out from other brands as they contain zero calories, glucose, and carbs.

The Black Water variant is specifically designed to cater to our active and hectic work lives, making it suitable for every individual. Compared to regular mineral water, Booster Black Water boasts a pH range of 8-8.5 and is infused with over 70 natural minerals. It may promote improved hydration, detoxification, boosted immunity, enhanced metabolism, kidney disorders, arthritis, fatigue, and energy loss and even possesses anti-aging properties.

Another beloved product, Booster Whiskey Water, is a proprietary formulation of mineral-infused ionized water. It serves as an excellent mixer blend with your drinks, enhancing taste, aroma, and texture of your drink while reducing the impact of hangovers and dehydration.

To make their range of water products easily accessible, Booster Water has partnered with leading online e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, Big Basket, as well as offline retail chains including Natures Basket, Reliance Jio, and quick commerce platforms like Blinkit, Zepto, Siggy instamart, and Zomato. They have also collaborated with numerous restaurants and clubs in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. In their efforts to make their healthy water products easily accessible, the company aims to establish its own network to ensure widespread availability nationwide.

Booster Water, has successfully connected with young and Gen Z customers, promoting the importance of drinking healthy water and avoiding dehydration. Their Alkaline Water and Black Water come in 500 ml cans, while Booster Whiskey Water is available in 250 ml cans. With unique transparent packaging and creative branding, Booster Water has carved a niche in the competitive market.

Bharath Agarwal, the CEO and founder of Booster Water, emphasizes the primary motto of their company: “Drink healthy, Eat healthy and Stay healthy.” He believes in bringing balance to people’s lives by inspiring them to prioritize their health through the consumption of healthy water, and there’s no better range of water brands than Booster Alkaline Water. He encourages everyone to try it and experience the difference with a regular intake for 2-4 weeks. Enjoy the first purchase offers and many more at

Bharath further emphasizes the immense importance of water in our well-being, highlighting that its purpose extends beyond quenching thirst. Water provides numerous other benefits on various levels. The launch of their range of water brands aims to promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone. As water is the most consumed beverage in our daily lives, it is crucial to drink water enriched with natural minerals and free from harmful chemicals.

Agarwal shares that, for now, the focus of the company will be on promoting Alkaline water, Black water, and Whiskey Water. However, the company plans to introduce many other variations to their brand, which will be unveiled in the coming months.

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