Indian News Maker Sports Helpcare foundation NGO President Shabnam shaikh organized Wheelchair cricket match & Award felicitation in Mumbai

Helpcare foundation NGO President Shabnam shaikh organized Wheelchair cricket match & Award felicitation in Mumbai

Wheelchair Cricket Match

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], January 11: Today a unique scene was seen at Colgate Ground in Khairwadi, Bandra East in Mumbai. Boys from neighboring settlements keep playing in this ground. And if it is Sunday then there is even more crowd of children in the ground. There is a children’s cricket match. But today the atmosphere was different. All the children had left their games and gathered at one place in the ground. When I went inside and saw from the crowd, my eyes were shocked. Some handicapped people were practicing cricket sitting in wheelchairs.

On the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi Samman Award 2023, Maharashtra Wheelchair Cricket Match was organized by HELP CARE FOUNDATION. This event was organized by social worker Shabnam Shaikh, President of HELP CARE FOUNDATION. On the occasion of the anniversary of Help Care Foundation. Big leaders/actors organize cricket match events, but no one has organized a cricket match for the disabled. Shabnam ji has done that work. That speech is definitely appreciated.

This match was not that kind of match. How will people who are handicapped or disabled play the match? How to bowling? How will they batting? How will they do fielding? All these questions come in the mind of common man. These disabled people answered all these questions by showing their game. Changed negative thoughts into positive thoughts in their life and achieved victory in life. This sight was worth seeing. Hats off to all players.

There were two teams in the match, INDIA YELLOW and INDIA BLUE. The captain of India yellow team is SHAHID ANSARI and the captain of India blue team is RAMESH SARTAPE. Shabnam Sheikh ji bowled the toss. Team Blue came to bat first. It was a 5-5 over match. Players of both the teams, SANTOSH KOKARE and PARSHURAM DESALE scored hat-tricks by hitting 4 consecutive times. The audience clapped and raised their heads above the entire ground. Team Yellow fielded well. Finally Team Blue scored 55 runs and the overs were over. Then India yellow team came to bat. Team Yellow got rid of everyone’s sixes. Very good batting. In the end two runs and four balls were left. Team Yellow won the match by 58 runs by hitting 4 on 4 in the last match. The cup was given to INDIA YALLOW TEAM and man of the match was given to PARSHURAM DESALE.

SHABNAM SHAIKH, PRESIDENT OF HELP CARE FOUNDATION, had organized a very good event. Shabnam ji did not sit on the chair even for a minute during the entire event. Run here and there, she did everything herself. Every guest, players, audience who came to the event was taken care of. Tea, water, cold drinks, breakfast and lunch were organized for everyone by the foundation. Along with Shabnam Shaikh ji, Imran Pawar ji of HELP foundation also had great support in this event.

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