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Yash Sharma – From Engineer to Exporter

Surat (Gujarat) [India], January 22: In a remarkable journey of determination and entrepreneurship, Yash Sharma, a mechanical engineer from Surat, has transitioned from working in a multinational company to becoming a serial exporter. His story is a testament to the potential that lies within emerging entrepreneurs in India.

Yash’s journey began with a shift in perspective after a meeting with export expert Bhagirath Goswami. Motivated to explore international markets, he took the leap into the export industry. Starting with just one product, Yash has now expanded his business to cater to three different industries, dealing with a diverse range of seven to eight products in each sector. 

Despite facing challenges, Yash received immense support from the Being Exporter community, guiding him through the intricacies of the export process. Looking forward, Yash aims to establish 30 joint ventures and dispatch one container per day in 2024.