Indian News Maker Business Turf Games Global Sports kicks off 3rd Season of Heritage Sport of India – Polo in Mumbai, celebrating Tradition and Luxury

Turf Games Global Sports kicks off 3rd Season of Heritage Sport of India – Polo in Mumbai, celebrating Tradition and Luxury

Mumbai, Maharashtra : The Heritage Sport of India and Historic Finale of Polo, curated by “Turf Games Global Sports”, captivated audiences at the Mahalaxmi Race Course on January 6, 2024.

TURF GAMES GLOBAL SPORTS founded by Ar. Riyhad R Kundanmal, Ms. Sonam Gupta, and Mr. Shiv Gupta aim to revive this heritage sport with its historic blend of tradition and give a unique platform to luxury brands to reach to their target audience.The initiative sought to bring back the heritage sport of Polo once exclusively only played by royalty, and make it accessible to a wider audience, including corporate elites and members of society at large.

The historic game, with a legacy spanning well over 1,000 years, that was traditionally associated with royalty, has now evolved into a sport enjoyed by a diverse section of society. The founders of Turf Games Global Sports vision for placing India back on the global platform for its indigenous game.

In 2023, Turf Games went international and organized a polo match between Team Turf Games India and Team Turf Games Rest of the World. The game was graced by Consulate Generals of well over 35 nations making it a truly international match. Spectators and Audience got to witness some thrilling moments with countries fought for their honor and the Turf Games International Golden Cup.

The Mumbai Polo Season 2024 kicked off with TURF GAMES Global Sports presenting their 3rd edition with the ‘TURF GAMES MAHARAJ PREM SINGH TROPHY’ at Mumbai’s iconic Mahalaxmi Race Course once again. The playoffs, which began on January 2nd 2024, culminated in a grand finale that attracted numerous celebrities and dignitaries.The evening showcased not only the thrilling sport of polo but also witnessed fabulous and fierce fashion moments along with delectable flavors to savor with fine wines

The game, played between five dominating teams, saw Dynamix Achievers emerge victorious with a triumphant score of 10 goals against the Mumbai Polo team. Chris Mackenzie from South Africa for the Dynamix Achievers scored the highest with 5 goals.

The Finale was not merely a visual sporting spectacle; it was a sensory feast of cultural tapestry woven from heritage and modern luxury. The evening celebrated sportsmanship, camaraderie, and unwavering passion, leaving an indelible mark on everyone present and gasping for more.

The celebration of luxury and lifestyle was graced by eminent Guests of Honor – Graham Rouse, Consul General and Trade Commissioner New Zealand; Mrs. Seema Singh – Founder, Meghashrey; and Mr. Vijay Kedia, Investor & Motivational Speaker.
The grounds were filled with corporate luminaries such as Nawaz Modi Singhania, Nisaba Godrej, Vivek Goenka, Ambika Hinduja, Vivek Jain, Vasava Datta and Kushagra Bajaj, philanthropist and Padma Bhushan Smt. Rajashree Birla, and movie stars like Jackie Shroff, Pavitra Punia, and Femina Miss India World Pooja Chopra amongst others.

Ar. Riyhad Kundanmal – Founder, Turf Games Global Sports and the voice of polo compared the game and has relentless worked in reviving this heritage sport in India for the last 35 years.

Sonam Gupta – Founder, Turf Games Global Sports and event director emphasized the creation of a platform for luxury brands to connect with the Indian audience.

Shiv Gupta Founder, Turf Games Global Sports with his financial experience expressed the initiative’s commitment on reviving India’s heritage sport.

The trio with their varied individual experiences have come together to bring back the allure of Polo – a sport that unites cultures through its unique blend of grace, power, and sheer exhilaration. The game that is considered the passport to the world.

The Heritage Game organized in Mumbai stood as a beacon of India’s rich sporting legacy, combining patriotic tradition with a touch of modern luxury, entertainment and class, which caught the attention of not only those present, but also the ones that missed the grand spectacle.

Come aboard and be a part of reliving history where sport, glamour and grit blur their boundaries for the revival of the forgotten chapters of our lost heritage of Polo!