Indian News Maker Entertainment Baba Ramsaa Peer Premieres on ZEE5, Reigning as the Pinnacle Devotional Film Trend

Baba Ramsaa Peer Premieres on ZEE5, Reigning as the Pinnacle Devotional Film Trend

New Delhi (India), February 28: Experience the spiritual odyssey of Baba Ramsaa Peer, now available on ZEE5 and currently leading as the top-trending film in the devotional genre. Building on the immense success of Orient Tradelink Ltd Content, spanning Films, Series, Music Albums, and Books on various platforms including OTT, Digital platforms, and Book Fairs, this latest addition is capturing hearts.

Baba Ramsaa Peer unfolds the life of the revered saint Baba Ramdev of Rajasthan, with Aushim Khetarpal delivering a stellar performance in the lead role. Renowned for his exceptional portrayal in Sai Vibhuti on ZEE5, Aushim once again shines, infusing depth into the narrative. The movie’s engaging dialogues offer a profound experience, especially in the post-COVID era, where finding solace in the teachings of a master holds significant value.

In the words of Aushim Khetarpal, “After contributing to the creation of the Shirdi Sai Baba film and various series, I hope Baba Ramsaa Peer sets a new trend in depicting the epics of masters. Much like timeless classics such as Mahabharata, Ramayana, Gita, and Sai Chalisa, these cinematic narratives aim to resonate with a broader audience, fostering a sense of oneness. Life is intricately tied to storytelling, and through this film, I aim to share the profound message of unity.”

Filmed in authentic locations like Pokhran, the birthplace of Baba Ramsaa Peer, Aushim expresses his deep connection with the saint’s humanitarian work. The movie features a stellar cast, including Gracy Singh, Raza Murad, Ali Khan, and other talented actors. Originally released in theatres in 2020 during the pandemic, it premiered in INOX and PVR cinemas, extensively shot across Rajasthan, including Pokhran, the sacred site where Baba Ramdev took his Samadhi.

Recognized with the prestigious Rajasthan Integration Award, this cinematic masterpiece seamlessly blends spirituality, history, and captivating storytelling. Don’t miss the chance to embark on this captivating journey transcending time and space, inviting viewers to delve into the profound wisdom of the ages.

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