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Flytant Secures Seed Funding from Shuru-Up, Accelerates Global Expansion in Influencer Marketing Arena

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], March 2: Flytant, the dynamic Influencer Marketplace, has successfully raised a seed round led by the innovative Shuru-Up Investment Platform, based in Ahmedabad. 

Flytant’s strategic move to secure this funding is aimed at fueling its expansion into the thriving markets of the USA and the Middle East. Additionally, the funds will be instrumental in the development of cutting-edge technologies, propelling the platform to revolutionize the Influencer Marketing industry with its flagship product.

Flytant’s journey began in 2020 with the Influencer Marketplace model, and it has swiftly become the second-largest platform in India, boasting over 600,000 registered influencers. On a global scale, it ranks as the third-largest Influencer Marketplace, attracting top brands and agencies leveraging its capabilities for influencer onboarding.

Vivek Rai, the visionary founder of Flytant, envisions making the platform the largest influencer marketplace globally by the end of this year. Speaking passionately about the platform’s unique offerings, Rai emphasized its scalability and democratized model, ensuring that influencers of all scales, from nano to macro, can monetize their content effortlessly.

“We are changing the way the influencer marketing industry works and ensuring influencers can monetize their social media content with great ease,” says Rai.

Flytant’s success lies in its departure from the traditional agency model, eliminating the need for intermediaries and manual processes. The platform provides brands with unprecedented transparency, enabling them to directly connect with influencers on a commission-free basis. To further assist brands in their influencer selection process, Flytant offers comprehensive analytical data, ensuring the perfect match for their campaigns.

In a market saturated with content creators, Flytant stands out by utilizing AI-enabled algorithms that recommend the most suitable sponsorships for influencers. The platform compiles influencer profiles using data from various social media channels, providing brands with a curated selection of influencers tailored to their campaigns.

The influencer-centric approach extends to Flytant’s commitment to empowering content creators. Nano, micro, and macro influencers alike can monetize their social media content effortlessly, breaking free from the traditional dependency on agencies. Each influencer receives a personalized social card on the platform, offering a multitude of benefits and opportunities.

As a testament to Flytant’s commitment to continuous innovation, the platform is set to launch its flagship product, Flytant Ads, in the second half of this year. This groundbreaking addition will provide influencers with even more seamless access to sponsorships from top-tier brands.

In response to the burgeoning influencer landscape in India, Team Shuru-Up advocates for a transformative platform.  Flytant emerges as the catalyst for this evolution, offering influencers networking opportunities, portfolio management, and brand collaborations—all automated, underscoring the platform’s scalability. In a rapidly growing content creation market, Shuru-Up calls for a democratized Influencer Marketplace, ensuring fair compensation for creators.

About Flytant

The premier platform revolutionizing influencer marketing by seamlessly connecting brands with influencers worldwide. Flytant offers brands a transparent and efficient way to post campaigns and directly connect with influencers through innovative features like Social Score, Social Search Engine, and Social Profile. With a focus on empowering influencers of all sizes, Flytant ensures even micro-influencers can monetize their content by easily applying for campaigns or reaching out to brands for sponsorships.

About Shuru-Up

Shuru-up, the ultimate digital startup ecosystem empowering entrepreneurs and investors to connect, invest, and thrive. The platform revolutionizes startup funding, offering retail investors access to lucrative opportunities with smaller investments while providing idea owners and entrepreneurs a seamless pathway to raise funds. With a focus on supporting startup enthusiasts in achieving their goals, Shuru-up brings together individuals and communities with a shared vision for success. Our talented team is dedicated to uncovering opportunities in the unlisted market, providing maximum potential for startups and investors alike. Additionally, our proactive approach to asset monetization ensures continuous profitability for associated High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs). Join Shuru-up today and seize the future with confidence, as we lead you to new opportunities and enable timely action.

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