Indian News Maker Business Celebrating Excellence – India Star Community Announces Top 10 Dynamic Woman Leaders – 2024 on International Women’s Day-2024

Celebrating Excellence – India Star Community Announces Top 10 Dynamic Woman Leaders – 2024 on International Women’s Day-2024

Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], March 6: In a remarkable tribute to female trailblazers, India Star Community proudly presents the Top 10 Dynamic Woman Leaders of 2024, unveiling their names on the occasion of International Women’s Day. These outstanding women have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and resilience in their respective fields, setting new benchmarks for success.

The Top 10 Dynamic Woman Leaders of 2024 are:

1.Vandana Shukla,

Dynamic Woman Make-Up Artist & Entrepreneur -2024

Empowering Women, One Brushstroke at a Time.

Vandana Shukla, a self-taught makeup artist and entrepreneur, embarked on her journey after marrying young at 21. Fueled by a desire for self-dependence, she pursued a professional makeup course at Lakme Academy, Bangalore, and established her salon in Prayagraj. Collaborating with her brother, Amulya Shukla, they launched “Kasba,” providing a platform for rural women to showcase their talents, fostering empowerment and community connection.

2 Debjani Ghosh

Dynamic Woman Social Activist- 2024

Advocate Debjani Ghosh – Bridging Legal Expertise with Compassionate Advocacy.

Advocate Debjani Ghosh, with an illustrious 25-year legal practice from the Supreme Court of India to West Bengal’s District Courts, is not just a legal luminary but a compassionate social worker. A published author and member of esteemed organizations, she extends support to marginalized groups, including acid attack survivors, transgenders, and street children, offering financial, educational, and mental assistance. As a motivational speaker and legal advisor, Advocate Ghosh is a stalwart advocate for the underprivileged.

3. Pooja Gupta                                                                                                                  

Dynamic Woman Entrepreneur   – 2024

NIMBARK Organics: Sowing Sustainable Seeds, Nurturing Rural Empowerment.

Founder of NIMBARK Organics, dedicated to organic farming, empowers 30,000 rural women with technical knowledge and inputs for traditional agriculture. Ensuring quality, the business provides marketing support, testing, packaging, and adheres to strict USDA and Indian Organic standards. Committed to a spiritual and “SATVIK” lifestyle, the founder actively engages with the community, offering a helping hand to those in need.

4. Dr. Nazia .R.Quraishi

Dynamic Woman Expert In Health Care- 2024

Dr. Nazia R. Quraishi, with an MBBS from K.J. Somaiya Medical College and a Fellowship in Diabetology, has been serving as a dedicated Medical Officer at Zaobawadi Health Post in municipal corporation of greater mumbai since 2016. Specializing in family welfare, maternal and child health, she excels in executing government and WHO programs, providing essential services, and contributing significantly during the COVID pandemic. Recognized for her exceptional services, Dr. Quraishi was honored with the Nari Shakti Samman in her area.

5. Dr. Richa Satsangi

Dynamic Woman Wellness & Lifestyle Consultant   – 2024

Redefining Wellness Through Science and Mindset Mastery.

Dr. Richa Satsangi, a Ph.D. holder in Biotechnology and consciousness enthusiast, pioneers holistic well-being through a unique blend of scientific expertise and mastery in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Specializing in the intricate connection between physical and mental health, she offers personalized strategies tailored to individual needs. Operating virtually from Noida, Dr. Satsangi guides clients through the transformative power of NLP, reshaping mindsets and fostering positive habits for sustainable health and lifestyle changes.

6. Dr. Sandhya Patnaik

Dynamic Woman International Playback Singer- 2024

A Multifaceted Maestro Making Waves.

Renowned international playback singer, fashion juror, crafts designer, and women welfare activist, Dr. Sandhya Patnaik, has garnered accolades for her exceptional contributions. With a melodious and versatile voice, she has excelled in classical, semi-classical, folk, ghazal, bhajan, and filmi/non-filmi songs. As the Founder Director of Ananya Creatives and Chairperson of Ladies Wing, she continues to impact lives through her institute and socio-cultural endeavors. Dr. Patnaik’s achievements include an honorary doctorate, SARC Brilliance Awards, International Mother Teresa Peace Award, and recognition as an Influential Woman by Blissful Queen, London.

7. Mehjabeen Irfan Khan

Dynamic Woman Educator – 2024

Empowering Futures Through Education

Mehjabeen Irfan Khan, Director of Lady Zubeida Quraishi English Primary and High School in Ramtekdi, Hadapsar, Pune, has dedicated 22 years to uplifting the underprivileged students of the slum areas. Passionate about making a difference, she has not only received numerous awards for her remarkable contribution but has also led her students to victory in international competitions, including the prestigious International Abacus Competition. Her unwavering commitment to education continues to shape brighter futures in the heart of the community.

8. Dr. Meetu Sinha

Dynamic Woman Writer – 2024

Inspiring Excellence in Literature and Leadership.

Dr. Meetu Sinha, an Assistant Programme Officer in Jharkhand Education Project Dhanbad, serves as an inspiring figure for women. Balancing a full day’s work and single parenthood, she actively engages in literary pursuits, garnering numerous awards at state, national, and international levels. With an impressive literary portfolio of 8 books and 20 anthologies spanning various fields, Dr. Sinha stands as a beacon of achievement.

9. Dr. Janaki M C

Dynamic Woman Educationist – 2024

– A Trailblazer in Forensic Science and Criminology

Recognizing Excellence: Dr. Janaki M C, an esteemed academician and expert in Criminology & Forensic Science, emerges as a leader in the field. With over 16.5 years of teaching experience and a Ph.D. from the University of Mysore, her impactful journey includes roles at Maharaja’s College and Noorul Islam Centre for Higher Education. Presently, as the Associate Professor & Head at Kalasalingam Academy of Research & Education, Dr. Janaki continues to shape the future of forensic science education.

10. Anshumala Vishwakarma

Dynamic Woman Mental Physical Counselor-2024

Nurturing Mental Wellness, One Skill at a Time.

Anshumala Vishwakarma, a multifaceted clinical psychologist, family and child counselor, has been tirelessly expanding her expertise since completing her MA in Clinical Psychology in 2015. Beyond her core counseling roles, she offers meditation training for mental peace, holds diplomas in dance, music, acupressure, and educational management. Known for her holistic approach, Anshumala conducts camps promoting student engagement, specializing in areas such as anger management, stress, anxiety, and time management.

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