Indian News Maker National Are Women equal if they consistently need to prove themselves, asks UNESCO Awardee and renowned Certified Yoga Psychologist, Ilashrei Anand

Are Women equal if they consistently need to prove themselves, asks UNESCO Awardee and renowned Certified Yoga Psychologist, Ilashrei Anand

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], March 8:  Self-awareness is the backbone of feminism, highlights Ilashrei Anand, the UNESCO Awardee and renowned Certified Yoga Psychologist, who’s been passionately guiding both, men and women, for over a decade now in realising their full potential. Ilashrei Anand, the 40under40 Businessworld Wellbeing winner, also emphasises normalising taking therapy or counselling, especially Yoga Psychology, to heal relationships, mental health, physical wellbeing, or even career.

Ilashrei Anand says that the generational trauma which women carry, may never let women realise their full power, unless those wounds are healed, as Yoga Psychology shows we are constantly operating from our traumas. Ilashrei Anand adds, most of us only see Yoga as some set of Asana and Pranayama, whereas, Yoga is actually the world’s first-ever successfully studied and documented psychology of human mind and its patterns.

Women’s Day is to acknowledge women are equal and celebrate their achievements, but are we equal if we have to keep proving ourselves? quips Ilashrei Anand, adding that “ Equality is about getting equal choices and not about having to constantly prove you’re equal. But most women are stuck in a race to prove themselves instead of actually realising their worth. This is a result of chronic past traumas, often generational.”

“If you see the psychosomatics as per Yoga Psychology, PCOS, Thyroid, etc in women are largely a result of women living more in their masculine energy. Nothing wrong with it as long as this masculine energy is not coming from a place to prove their worth. Then it begins to create imbalance and we need both Shiva ( Divine Masculine) and Shakti ( Divine Feminine ) in balance for a healthy mind and body” explains Ilashrei Anand who’s successfully healed Thyroid, PCOS, psoriasis, allergies gut health issues, cysts and fibroids for over thousands of women globally with their physical and emotional issues through Yoga Psychology.

What is your message to Women ?

We have come a long way, but we have a longer journey to finish. Hope in the process, women don’t lose touch with their Divine Feminine Energy in a race to prove they’re equal to men. Equality is about cerebral situations, about equal choices. And to realise this, its important women choose to heal their traumas, because Self-Awareness alone will become the path to peace and equality.

Why Choose Yoga Psychology Therapy ?

“Yoga Psychology is like the mitochondria of human psychology. It is the powerhouse of healing any issues. That’s because Yoga Psychology works by identifying individual root cause. Whether it is relationship issues or mental health issues like ADHD, PTSD, Bipolar,

anxiety, panic attacks, narcissistic abuse, gaslighting, etc, or physical health issues, like weight issues, etc, Yoga psychology addresses them differently for all since each soul has their individual journey, thus, everyone’s answers will be different. Yoga Psychology is about empowering yourself in most ultimate sense” says Ilashrei Anand, whose expertise with a determined approach also led her to be honoured with Yodha Kranti Award (Young Warrior Award )

About Ilashrei Anand

Ilashrei Anand is a highly experienced Yoga Psychologist with a passion for empowering individuals to achieve holistic well-being. She’s Internationally Awarded by UNESCO and also recognised as being the best in her work with 40under40 Award by Business World Well Being, besides being conferred various Awards from NGOs for her dedicated and selfless healing therapy sessions to those who cannot afford therapy. She gives online and offline sessions, both in personalised one-on-one Therapy sessions, besides hosting Mental Health workshops and conventions for institutes and corporates.

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