Indian News Maker Lifestyle Driving Progress: Naresh Dhoundiyal’s Commitment to Social Welfare

Driving Progress: Naresh Dhoundiyal’s Commitment to Social Welfare

New Delhi (India), June 28: In Delhi NCR, Naresh Dhoundiyal and his team at Amrita Chander Jankalyan Charitable Trust are working hard to help people in need. They focus on supporting children, young people, and older adults who don’t have much.

The Trust believes in three main ideas:

  • Everyone deserves love and respect
  • Education can change lives for the better
  • Helping others is what life is all about

Here’s what they do:

  • Help poor children get a good education

They provide school supplies, arrange tutoring, and sometimes provide as much help as possible. This gives children from poor families a chance to learn and grow.

  • Provide free health check-ups and medical care

They organize health camps where doctors volunteer their time. People can get basic health checks and simple treatments without having to pay.

  • Give out food to those who are hungry

The Trust regularly distributes meals or food packages in areas where people struggle to get enough to eat. This helps ensure that fewer people go to bed hungry.

  • Take care of children without parents

They support orphanages by providing things like clothes, books, and toys. They also try to create a caring environment for these children and support their families as well.

  • Make life better for older people in care homes

The Trust visits old age homes to spend time with the residents. They also help improve living conditions by providing basic necessities and sometimes organizing activities for the elderly.

These activities aim to support people of all ages who are in need, from young children to the elderly.

Naresh Dhoundiyal and his team say, “We want to bring happiness to people who are often forgotten. We’re working hard to make real changes in our community.”

By helping others, Naresh Dhoundiyal and his team are making Delhi NCR a better place to live.

The Trust keeps working to create a better future for everyone in Delhi NCR. If you’d like to know more or help out, feel free to contact the Trust—

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