Indian News Maker Business Glucon D and MY FM Joined Forces to Energize Ahmedabad’s Traffic Police

Glucon D and MY FM Joined Forces to Energize Ahmedabad’s Traffic Police

New Delhi (India) July 9 : In a heart-warming initiative to support the unsung heroes battling the sweltering heat while ensuring smooth traffic flow, Glucon D and MY FM collaborated to launch “Thakaan Gone, Energy On” in Ahmedabad. Presented by Glucon D and powered by 94.3 MY FM, with the backing of the Ahmedabad Traffic Police, this initiative aimed at providing much-needed refreshment, hydration & energy to the dedicated on-duty traffic policemen.

Amidst soaring temperatures, the initiative kicked off with a ceremonial inauguration at the Police Commissioner’s office in Ahmedabad. The event was graced by esteemed dignitaries including Police Commissioner Shri Gyanendra Singh Malik, JCP Traffic Ahmedabad Shri Narendra Chaudhary, and DCP Traffic Shafin Hasan, alongside the entire team of MY FM. 

This initiative was spread across 15 days catching millions of eyeballs, reaching to 20000 Ahmedabadis with a refreshing glass of Glucon D, 3000 traffic policemen every afternoon across 60 major cross roads. This initiative also garnered a cumulative reach of over 5 million people on social media videos grabs during the campaign.

One of the highlights of the activity came when the GLUCON D branded truck visited thousands of on-duty traffic enforcers stationed around the Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium during the IPL playoffs last month. Glucon D seized the opportunity to extend its support to thousands of dedicated officers ensuring that they remain energized and hydrated throughout their duty hours.

The core concept revolved around serving chilled glasses of Glucon D to the on-duty traffic police personnel apart from commuting Ahmedabadis, offering instant energy and hydration to combat the scorching heat.

Through “Thakaan Gone, Energy On,” GLUCON D not only provided physical refreshment but also boosted morale and recognized the tireless efforts of those who keep Ahmedabad moving safely.